Pedro Fuenmayor.

Acceltec Software Studio.

React.js | Next.js | TailwindCSS | TypeScript | Storybook | Nx Monorepo

Jan 2023

Projects page:

Under construction..

Key Highlights:

  • Build a Design System of UI components using React.js, Next.js, TypeScript and TailwindCSS.
  • Develop a State Management Solution for the Front-End with the context API and useReducer hook.
  • Use Storybook for develop, test, and document UI components in isolation fallowing atomic design methodology.
  • Implement Apollo Client to manage both local and remote data with GraphQL for updating the UI.

Acceltec is Berlin-based software studio that works with founders and innovative teams from day 1 to create digital products. We are rebuilding the biggest Europe Marketplace for digital assets and in-game collectibles.